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Small Business Legal Services

It’s not often that small business owners are able to kick back and just bathe in the Florida sunshine without having some pressing business issue on their minds. Employment law, state regulations, contracting needs, operational matters or real estate law concerns often creep in.

At the Law Office of Sam J. Saad III, we can relieve you of legal burdens, handle all legal paperwork and resolve business disputes with cost-effective and timely solutions. Small business representation is our forte, and we offer our legal services for small businesses at affordable rates and flat fees, in some cases.

With offices in Naples and the Ft. Myers area, we are conveniently located to serve clients throughout Southwest Florida. If you are considering starting a small business, we can help you with the litany of legal needs and requirements you will encounter in the process of planning, operating and growing your business.

  • Buying or Selling a business
  • Litigation & Business Disputes
  • Business Formation
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • Employment Agreements
  • Business Succession
  • Business Purchases and Sales

Litigation For Small Business in Naples and Southwest Florida

Any small business owner knows that litigation is expensive, time-consuming and unproductive, but sometimes it is the only avenue to protect your business. Some examples of instances that may require litigation include nonpayment of invoices, landlord and tenant disputes, contract-related disputes, employee malfeasance, copyright or trademark infringement and civil theft.

In many cases, there may be cost-effective alternatives to litigation that can offer you equal legal and financial protections. We will walk you through each of your options and help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

We get to the root of what caused the issue in the first place and help you plug the holes with solid legal protections. Our attorneys will help you make informed decisions throughout the litigation process while allowing you the peace of mind to get on with business as litigation is ongoing. We work to minimize the risks of protracted litigation by pushing aggressively for timely resolution in your best interest.

Southwest Florida Business Property Sales

During the sale of business property, the seller will often be able to take advantage of the IRS regulations related to trading business property, especially if the business will be reinvesting in itself. The IRS regulations governing like-kind exchanges under IRC section 1031 give the business owner who properly plans a wide variety of options to avoid paying costly taxes on the gains from the sale of business property.

There are several legal considerations to evaluate if you will be exchanging property for cash, debt minimization, sale gains for nonqualified expenses and excess borrowing with the intent to obtain new property. Whether you are doing a trade, a deferred or a reverse Starker exchange, the lawyers at the Law Office of Sam J. Saad III are familiar with the requirements to flawlessly execute your transaction.

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