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The Law Office of Sam J. Saad III was featured in Suite Life Magazine
in the September/October 2017 Issue, and includes a number of testimonials.
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“I assume that most of the comments you receive on this site are negative in nature. However, I just wanted to take a moment to compliment Jason Sizemore on not only his professional approach but his genuine desire to help your clients at their most vulnerable times. Unfortunately, we have needed your help for 21/2 years and all along the way he has been a delight to deal with and has helped us in the most supportive ways. Those type of folks are rare in any business.”
Barry Kay, Client

“Sam Saad and his team assisted me in obtaining state and federal trademarks for my business. Aside from providing them with required details, they handled the process from start to finish. It was an extremely easy and pleasant experience and I would highly recommend them.”
Lou Hernandez, President, Fiddler Films 

“Sam is an absolute pleasure to work with! He and his staff are timely, organized, personable and obviously good at what they do. Would highly recommend to anyone, especially local clients who would have the opportunity to work with him personally.”
Rebecca Millen, Client

“Simply the BEST attorney in SWFL. Between his experience and passion, Sam is one of the only attorney’s I use for my businesses.”
George Oberdorster, Realtor and Entrepreneur

“Amazing group of lawyers and the staff is very kind, helpful and, informative. If you need help don’t hesitate to call them.”
Ingrid Bartuccio, Client 

“Thanks for a great and very professional job.”
Steve Clarke, Client

“I enjoy working with Sam and his team because they are passionate about serving their customers and the community. If you need legal advice for your business, I would highly recommend calling Sam Saad.”
Cyndee Woolley, President, C2 Communications

“Sam and his staff have always taken great interest and time in order to assist with closings for my real estate clients. I admire and respect his work ethic as well as his knowledge of the real estate industry.”
Teri L. Forsberg, Realtor, REMAX Affinity

“Our agency has worked with the Law Offices of Sam J. Saad III for many years. This practice offers the highest level of courteous, responsive and professional services. Sam and his staff are very knowledgeable and reliable. We highly recommend them for your business needs.”
Pat Case, Case Benefit Consultants, LLC

The Law Office of Sam J. Saad III was also featured in Suite Life Magazine in the July/August 2014 Issue, and includes some additional testimonials.
Please click here to read this feature article.