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Residential Landlord And Tenant Law In Southwest Florida

Your rights and obligations as a landlord or tenant in Florida are defined by state statutes, local ordinances, and federal laws and regulations. Many of these often experience significant changes. It is crucial to employ the services of an experienced lawyer for all aspects of residential landlord and tenant law to mitigate your liabilities and effectively manage dispute resolution.

At the Law Office of Sam J. Saad III, landlord and tenant law is at the cornerstone of our residential real estate law practice, including comprehensive lease drafting, eviction and renter services. We serve individual property owners and property management companies throughout South Florida from office location in Naples and the Ft. Myers area.

Lease Drafting With An Experienced Attorney

We understand that you want to provide yourself a residual income by leasing your property to responsible tenants. We will help you prepare leases that protect you and your residential real estate. Whether you own one rental property or hundreds, our attorneys are up to date on Florida and federal law. We are able to craft a lease that suits your needs, protects your investment from an unsavory tenant and maximizes the value to you as the landlord.

Lease Terminations And Evictions In Florida

We are well-versed at helping you understand when you can and cannot proceed with evictions. Our lawyers will guide you and help you gather the necessary documentation to protect your residential real estate rights while pursuing an eviction.

Evictions can be complex and timing is everything. The law in Florida is very favorable to landlords who work precisely within the parameters outlined. However, it can be very unforgiving for those who do not. We understand the nuances of the landlord-tenant statutes related to lease terminations and evictions, and we will guide you through the process.

It is always better to resolve your lease disputes quickly and amicably, but when you must proceed with an eviction, we offer low fixed fees for possession actions and flexible rates for damages actions.

Deposit Disputes Between Landlords And Tenants

It is common for deposit disputes to arise while dealing with the end of the lease term. Our team is experienced at handling disputes related to deposits and when to proceed with formal legal actions. Our residential real estate attorneys will help you make the right decision while keeping your legal fees to a minimum.

Contact Us About Your Unique Situation

There are several potential landlord-tenant issues not addressed here, but we handle everything. If you need legal guidance regarding rent rules, a small claims lawsuit, fair housing rights, landlord access to rental property or any other issue, please contact us to speak with one of our attorneys in a free 30-minute consultation.

We are available at 239-963-8999 and by email to speak with you today.