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Commercial Lease Drafting And Sensible Dispute Resolution

At the Law Office of Sam J. Saad III, our commercial real estate attorneys draft leases that work for all parties involved in the agreement. However, of course, our clients come first. Whether you need a master lease for a large commercial development or a single tenant building, we will tailor the lease to your specific needs and guide you in an informed decision-making process. We will protect your legal rights should a problem arise and manage dispute resolution efficiently and expediently.

With offices in Naples, North Naples and Bonita Springs, we serve clients throughout Southwest Florida and also provide title, escrow and settlement services. Our lawyers bring over 75 years of combined experience to the table and constantly track the ever-evolving Florida laws related to commercial real estate in order to apply that knowledge to our clients’ specific needs.

It is imperative that your lease agreements with tenants comply with the laws and regulations in Florida. We will ensure that they do and that you are protected in any commercial lease dispute.

Managing Commercial Lease Disputes And Litigation in Naples, Florida

Disputes between commercial property owners or managers and tenants may occur in a number of situations, many of which may be unforeseen. While we always strive to carefully craft our leases to your needs, not all landlords and property managers start off with great leases, and not all tenants understand the obligations they are undertaking when they sign a lengthy and detailed lease. We often handle dispute resolution involving leases we did not originally draft.

Should you find yourself in the midst of a lease dispute, our experienced commercial real estate attorneys will guide you from dispute to resolution efficiently, helping you to find the best solution to your disagreement that makes economic sense and protects your rights.

In some cases, litigation related to lease disputes may be necessary. However, we work to minimize additional costs that may be associated with litigation whenever possible.

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