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Dealing with tenants who are not paying their rent

As a commercial landlord, one of the most challenging aspects of management can often be as simple as a tenant who is not paying rent. If a tenant who is renting business or office space from you is struggling with their financial situation, rent might be one of the first expenses the tenant neglects.

When a commercial real estate tenant stops paying rent, as a landlord, it may feel as if you do not have any immediate tools at your disposal to collect the rent. However, there are some steps you can take right away to start back on the path to solvency. 

Small businesses often require many legal services

As a small business owner, it goes without saying that there's always something else you need to be doing. Unfortunately, there are times when you'll face a situation that you're unable to handle on your own.

If you find yourself lost and looking for answers, it may be time to turn your attention to one of many legal services. This can hold true when starting a business, or many years after you've established yourself as a top player in your space.

Follow these tips when reviewing a business contract

No matter what type of business you're in, there will come a point when you're faced with a contract. While you could sign on the dotted line and hope for the best, this isn't the approach you want to take.

Instead, you need to know exactly what you're signing, as to ensure that you don't make a mistake. Here are some tips to keep in mind when reviewing a business contract:

  • Make sure all the terms are clearly defined
  • Don't assume that you know what something means, but instead ask for clarification if there is reason for concern
  • Make note of anything that is missing and have it included before you sign
  • Don't assume that standard language should remain in the contract, as this can be changed
  • Have someone else review the contract before you sign, as they may see something that you have overlooked

6 tips when starting a company with a spouse

Starting a company with your spouse sounds like a great idea. You already enjoy being around each other, so why not use that strong relationship to start a successful company? It may give you both more freedom and allow you to follow your dreams.

Running a company with your spouse can also be challenging. There are certain things you should do before starting that business.

What's a trademark and what protections does it afford you?

When many people think of intellectual property, they often think of copyrights and patents. For business owners, though, trademarking their company's name or the different concepts associated with it, is also type of intellectual property they may wish to protect. Finding a way to legally protect trade secrets from being freely distributed to others is another type.

A trademark is tool that forms part of the branding arsenal of the marketing arm of your business. When it comes to a trademark, words can be registered for exclusive use by an entity, but so can sounds, colors, symbols or names that help explain your company's story or the quality of your products.

4 tips to avoid lawsuits as a commercial landlord

Nobody wants to experience a lawsuit as a commercial landlord. If you lease commercial property, you want to do your best to ensure your relationships with your tenants do not go sour. Sometimes, a simple disagreement may turn into a costly lawsuit. 

It is crucial to follow some guidelines to reduce your chances of litigation. Here are some ways you can avoid your lease turning into a lawsuit. 

Why an attorney should help you set up Florida business

Selecting a name and setting up shop are far from the only two steps you need to follow if you intend to operate a business in Collier County or the state of Florida. Instead, there are a number of intermediary steps you also must follow to ensure that your company operates lawfully.

Among these steps, first up on the list is selecting the type of business formation you're looking to have. Next, it involves registering the company with local, state and federal authorities. It may also involve taking out permits or licenses required in your industry to operate it in your jurisdiction as well.

The difference between patent defects and latent defects

There are two main types of construction defects. The first is known as patent defects, and the second is latent defects. Both can cause serious issues within your home, but the way you approach them may be a bit different.

The difference is just in how clear they are. A patent defect is something that you can see easily and that really shouldn't make it through the inspection. Many aesthetic issues are patent defects. They aren't hidden at all. For instance, you notice that they primed a sheet of drywall and then forgot to paint it, or they install trim improperly around your doors and windows so that it's not square.

There are many common business plan mistakes

When it comes time to create a business plan, there is a fine line between making all the right decisions and missing the mark somewhere along the way.

It's your job to ensure that you never make a mistake that holds you back from reaching your goals. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid at all costs:

  • Failing to address risk. It's easy to believe that your business is destined for greatness, but you need to address the risks that exist. This will ensure that you do whatever it takes to avoid these pitfalls.
  • Neglecting to focus on marketing. Your business plan should contain a marketing component, as this is the lifeblood of your company. Without this, you may be lost when it comes to the process of generating new business.
  • Too long. Don't assume that longer is better when it comes to creating a business plan. This is not always the case. If your business plan pushes past 20 pages, there's a good chance you need to scale back at bit.
  • A lack of professional presentation. This isn't always important, but it definitely comes into play if you're applying for a loan or seeking any type of outside investment.

Florida homeowners accuse D.R. Horton of poor shower construction

Several homeowners residing in the St. Augustine subdivision Glen St. Johns are considering filing faulty construction lawsuits against one of the United States' most well-known home builders, D.R. Horton. As for why they're looking to sue them, they allege that the company installed their showers poorly.

The concerned homeowners' residences were all constructed during the past 10 years or less, with the majority having been built within the past five years. A few of the ones already showing signs of problems were even constructed as recently as two years ago.

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