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3 tips for protecting at-risk intellectual property

Research and development are an important part of a business's work. During research and development phases, new medications, products and even foods are created for consumers. R&D has the potential to set up a company for success, but if the intellectual property isn't protected well, it could be exposed and cause unnecessary risk to the company.

It is a good idea for businesses to know how to protect their research and development documents. How can they do that? Here are a few tips:

Here's what to do if you find undisclosed material defects

A lack of disclosure is a serious problem for people who have just purchased a home. Without disclosing an issue, there is no way for someone to know about serious problems that a home has. Finding out about these home defects after the sale is frustrating, and it's something many people have to deal with.

After the sale of a home, if you find that there were problems undisclosed to you, you may have legal options. Buying a home is a long process, but it's also a legal process that has many restrictions and requirements. One of those requirements is that homeowners disclose major problems that they're aware of.

3 tips for business owners to avoid contract disputes

If you are a small business owner, chances are you rely on contracts to accomplish a variety of projects. Because of the widespread use of contracts, contract disputes are some of the most common legal hurdles of running a business. Disagreements and delays can result in serious losses for your company. 

A contract dispute may bring your projects to a halt and significantly impact your business. Here are some tips for exercising awareness and care when entering into a business contract.

Florida brewing company suing competitor over packaging

A picture of a bathing beauty has led to a federal lawsuit that alleges trademark infringement.

The plaintiff is a Florida-based brewing company and the defendant is a competitor that sold its products in the Midwest before expanding to Florida. The Florida company is suing the second company, contending its packaging is too similar for comfort and could mislead customers.

Protecting yourself when purchasing a home from a developer

If you are in the market for a new home, specifically new home construction, you likely have a lot of worries. Buying a home from a developer that is building a number of homes at once can be stressful. These development projects can include anywhere from as little as 10 homes to upwards of dozens of homes. With a project of this scale, you will rightfully worry about the quality of construction used in building the homes. Today, we will take a look at how you can protect yourself when buying a home from a developer.

Conduct a lot of research into the developer of your new home. Find out their experience building new homes, how long they've been in construction, if they've built in this area in the past, if they belong to any professional associations, if they offer warranties for their work and if they allow visitors to their construction sites.

Buying a warehouse as a small business

Opening a small business can be one of the most exciting ventures in your life. At the same time, it can also be one of the most stressful and overwhelming ventures in life. One of the biggest decisions a small business owner might have to make is whether to purchase a warehouse. Today, we will take a look at buying a warehouse for your small business in Collier County.

There are quite a few considerations you need to take into account when thinking of buying a warehouse for your small business. The first of these is the location. Can you find a warehouse that is close to your company's physical location? If not, can you find one that is within reasonable travel time to your warehouse?

4 tips for securing a commercial construction loan

Getting a good loan of any kind is usually a challenge, and it tends to be even more so when it comes to construction loans. Whether you are building homes to rent or sell, building a new business or renovating an existing commercial space, you will have to navigate the complex loan process.

These loans have higher standards of qualification. The good news is that there are things you can do to increase the likeliness that a lender will approve you for a loan. 

Common issues you can encounter with a residential title

The title of your home is one of the most important documents with your name on it. This document is proof that you own the property that you stake claim in, but there are problems that can arise in Collier County. Today, we will discuss the most common title issues you can encounter as a homeowner.

It's very likely that a human error could have been made when the title to your home was recorded with the county in which you live. An error as simple as a missing letter in your name can cause you legal problems regarding the ownership of your home.

3 things you need to have before buying a business

Because so many businesses fail, it can be a wise move to buy an existing company that has an established presence instead of starting one from scratch. However, it takes more than just having money to buy a business and enjoy its success.

As you consider different sellers, make sure you have three things first. They will help you make the best purchasing decision.

Contingencies used in real estate contracts

Coming to an agreement on the sale or purchase of a new home can be exhilarating and scary all at the same time. Deciding that it's time to enter the real estate market in Collier County, Florida, is not easy. You need to make an informed decision before putting pen to paper. You also need to know the types of contingencies that can be included in a real estate contract.

The financing contingency is used to provide an out for the potential buyer in the event that they are not approved for financing. If any money was added to escrow by the buyer, he or she will get it back in its entirety.

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