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Commission revokes St. Pete Beach agent's real estate license

Not just anyone can get a real estate license -- and sometimes, agents engage in activities that cost them their license. This month, the Florida Real Estate Commission voted to revoke a St. Pete Beach agent's license because he didn't disclose felony convictions in another state to the commission.

The 53-year-old man didn't appear before the commission to answer questions and he wasn't there for the unanimous vote to revoke his license. He may continue to work as an agent until the final revocation order is filed -- likely by month-end. He reportedly has only one active listing, which is a vacant lot. He's still included on the website of a real estate firm.

Florida's new tech companies must protect intellectual property

When most people think of tech companies, they think of California's Silicon Valley. However, Miami and Tampa Bay are both becoming hubs for tech startups. One Florida intellectual property (IP) attorney says that "because everybody's moving from the East coast to Florida and there's a lot of money here, and the university system is set up very nicely, I just think it's going to just go crazy in Florida."

Too many tech entrepreneurs, however, don't know how to protect their IP. That can leave them easy prey to those who try to exploit this lack of protection. Unscrupulous competitors can:

  • Infringe on trademarks
  • Violate patents
  • Copy brand assets
  • Steal trade secrets

How Florida landlords must handle security deposits

Being a landlord is both financially rewarding and risky. On the one hand, you have a steady source of income. On the other, you may land bad tenants who cause lots of trouble or costly damage.

One way to protect yourself against potential expenses is by requiring a security deposit from your tenants. While you have every right to do so, you must ensure you follow Florida law to avoid any disputes. 

Location is key when starting a medical practice

You've decided to open your own medical practice. Like many new endeavors, your chances of success are greater if you do the necessary research, get the professional assistance you need and understand that the process will take some time.

Besides finding the best loan, investing in the necessary equipment and hiring the right people, one of the most important decisions you'll make is finding the right location. That's key for just about any kind of business. However, in the highly competitive health care market, it can make all the difference.

Seniors need to beware of reverse mortgage scams

It seems like ads for reverse mortgages are everywhere, but many people don't understand exactly what they are. A reverse mortgage lets homeowners 62 and older access the equity in their home, either in a lump sum or installments.

That money can provide needed income to people in retirement. The homeowner can stay in their home, but the lender has a claim on it. Payment on the loan is due when the owner sells the home or passes away.

Why did Meghan Markle renew her trademark?

Even members of British royalty can make time in their schedule to renew their trademarks -- or at least their representatives can.

Meghan Markle was not only an actress but somewhat of a style influencer before she married Prince Harry. She had a lifestyle website called The Tig ( The name is a popular nickname for an Italian wine called Tignanello. The site covered everything from sustainable travel to fashion to wine and more.

Resolving a conflict with your homeowners' association

Many Floridians live in condominiums, townhouse complexes or other communities where rules are established and enforced by a community association like a homeowners' association (HOA). These rules are typically outlined in a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Most people store what is often a massive document away until there's a problem.

Homeowners may find themselves at odds with their HOA and/or the property management company hired by that HOA to handle the upkeep of the community when they feel another resident is violating the CC&Rs. Maybe you're the one accused of violating the CC&Rs. Perhaps you've installed a color of blinds that violates a provision that all outwardly visible window coverings be a neutral shade.

A property management agreement sets terms, responsibilities

Let us say you purchased a condominium building and are about to become a landlord for the first time.

The property management agreement you use sets terms and responsibilities for your legal protection, and your tenants clearly understand what they sign. Here are five points to include.

Tips for negotiating a commercial lease renewal

Once you reach the end of your commercial lease term, you will, in many cases, have the option of either extending the lease or finding a different location where you can operate your business. Before you agree to extend your commercial lease agreement, though, it may serve you well to examine the market and assess your lease terms to make sure they meet your needs.

Ultimately, the more you understand about your lease terms and the rules and regulations surrounding your leasing options, the more likely you will be to land on a favorable lease agreement. Just how can you work to improve your situation during commercial lease renewal negotiations?

Create a diverse, inclusive culture in your new business

If you're starting a business in South Florida, you have the advantage of being in a part of the state with access to an extremely diverse potential workforce. People of many races, ethnic backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations live and work here.

However, it's not enough to hire a diverse group of employees. They need to feel included in and appreciated by your company. Laws and attitudes have changed significantly in recent years. Unfortunately, however, people still have their biases -- whether they realize it or not. When people are in positions of power, those biases can impact how employees are treated and whether they're given an equal opportunity to advance.

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