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Florida man issues guilty plea in real estate scam

A Florida man issued a guilty plea, therefore waiving his right to be indicted, in a real estate scam that swindled millions of dollars from investors in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The man, 74, entered the guilty plea on Sept. 11 to wire fraud charges. The man, who is from Vero Beach, worked in the commercial real estate sector.

Senators in Florida evaluating state's affordable housing system

The Senate Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development Committee in the state of Florida is taking a look at the affordable housing system. The committee has been tasked with looking at the system because there is a shortage of affordable housing in Florida. Despite this view, there is a professor who believes the reason changes should be made is due to a favorable economic situation.

Why might land be 'unbuildable'?

If you own land but have been told that it's not a "buildable" lot, the best thing to do if you want to build on it is to find out why it has not been classified as a buildable area. Only once you know, can you take steps to rectify the situation -- or to sell the land and buy another lot that will fit your purposes. Some examples of reasons that you may not be allowed to build include:

What is an implied home warranty?

When you have a new home built in Florida, the builder may give you what is known as an express warranty. Essentially, this is just a warranty that you agree to when you sign the contract. Builders will sometimes offer them as a way to entice buyers to pick them for the job, saying they stand behind their work for a specified period of time, such as five years.

Redevelopment in Florida: Three tips for the savvy businessman

Redevelopment is big right now. HGTV is filled with shows about rehabbing properties, about making the old new again. Redevelopment is more than just a trend; in the right situation a rehab project can make good business sense.

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