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How to tell if you need a different residential contractor

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Construction |

Naples, Florida, is home to a great many excellent construction companies and contractors. These reputable contractors take care to provide value for their services and to maintain their sterling reputations.

Unfortunately, all residential real estate projects come with a degree of risk for the property owner. For example, you could get stuck with a contractor that cannot meet your project goals or wants to perpetrate a scam. How can you tell if the contractors on your shortlist are worth considering further?

Look for these warning signs!

When you know what to look for in a construction professional, you have a great chance of finding one that will treat you fairly. At the same time, identifying red flags in a construction company can also protect you from making a mistake. These include:

  • They refuse to sign a contract
  • They offer up a contract that is vague or confusing
  • They have bad ratings with the Better Business Bureau
  • They provide an estimate much lower than standard rates
  • They have a reputation for cutting corners
  • They have complaints or poor reviews on social media outlets
  • They communicate with you poorly or inconsistently
  • They are unable to provide references
  • They ask for upfront payments
  • They cannot provide proof of insurance

When you invest in residential real estate and construction, you have much at stake. You want to protect your finances throughout the project to ensure you receive value for your investment. Looking for red flags is an effective method of vetting contractors and culling those that may let you down.

You can protect your interests further by increasing your knowledge of residential real estate laws and construction best practices here in Florida.