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September 2017 Archives

Real estate closing delay: Don’t let this happen to you

Imagine this situation: You are all ready to close on your home, but at the last second you find out that the process can't move forward for one reason or another. There are not many things in life more disappointing than this.

How to avoid commercial real estate lease disputes

If you are a landlord of a commercial property in Florida, it is important to understand landlord/tenant laws. Making a misstep could cost you a lot of money and time. One of the most important aspects of your landlord/tenant relationship is creating a solid lease. Many times the issues that come about in commercial real estate are related to lease disputes. To avoid these, you have to be sure you write a comprehensive lease that spells everything out. However, you also have to make sure it follows the law. The Lake County government states your commerical real estate lease should be in writing because oral agreements can be difficult to maintain and enforce.

Florida man issues guilty plea in real estate scam

A Florida man issued a guilty plea, therefore waiving his right to be indicted, in a real estate scam that swindled millions of dollars from investors in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The man, 74, entered the guilty plea on Sept. 11 to wire fraud charges. The man, who is from Vero Beach, worked in the commercial real estate sector.

Do you understand the expenses of buying your first home?

As you begin to shop for your first home, it's only natural to focus some of your time and attention on the financial side of things. Like many, you turn your attention to the actual price of the property. You know how much you can afford to spend, and you do your best to stick with this number.

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