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What if your dream home is a lemon?

by | May 28, 2021 | Residential Real Estate |

In an ideal world, your home inspector will have caught all the warning signs and compiled a comprehensive, accurate idea of what you’re getting. Home inspectors are far from infallible, but they will find the most pertinent concerns.

Of greater concern, however, isn’t the possibility that an inspector missed an obvious problem. What if the seller actively deceived you into buying a home with repair needs well beyond your budget?

Dreams deferred

If you bought a home and it needs vast updates or repairs, and the sellers knew about it and didn’t disclose it, you have options. Florida does have real estate disclosure laws, and if a seller does not accurately describe the complete state of the home as they know it, you may pursue litigation against them. Such omissions can be:

  • Foreknowledge of a colony of mold
  • Ongoing disputes over boundaries with neighbors
  • The presence of harmful materials, such as lead or asbestos
  • Dangerous or endangered wildlife on the property severely changing your ability to use it

These are prominent pieces of information that can and will have a significant impact on whether you’d want to buy a home. If your home is not at all what you thought you purchased, it may be time to consider taking action.

What will make it better?

If you pursue action against the seller, likely you will be compensated monetarily, meaning you’ll get paid for the damage. You’ll still have the house. You may then choose to make the repairs or simply sell the house and move on.