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Know what to look for in a construction contract

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Construction |

Contractors are hired by individuals or companies for specific projects. These jobs usually come with a contract that outlines the responsibilities of both parties. It’s imperative that you understand what to look for in a construction contract so you can ensure that your rights are being protected by the document. Ideally, you’ll have your attorney review it before you sign it. 

What should a construction contract include?

The contract should include a description of the project. It should make it clear what you’re paying the contractor to do. The statements made here should be as detailed as possible. It’s much clearer for the contract to outline every aspect of the job than it is for it to just state that the contractor will build a home at a specific address. 

The timeline for the project should also be included. Contractors should automatically add in some time for things like inclement weather so they won’t have to extend the project beyond the deadline that’s set in the contract. Some contracts will have multiple deadlines that cover various aspects of the project. 

Many contracts have a section devoted to resolution methods. This may include a requirement that you use something like mediation or arbitration if there is a dispute about any aspect of the project. This could prevent you from being able to pursue a lawsuit if an agreement can’t be reached. 

When disputes happen, where do you turn?

If you have a dispute with the contractor that you can’t work through, you should review your legal rights. You deserve to have the project completed according to the deal you made. An experienced attorney here in Naples can help.