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Condominium owners allege construction defects and file lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Construction |

Florida real estate can be a complicated business for the purchaser, the seller and anyone involved in construction and maintenance. This is especially true with luxury properties. If there are allegations of construction defects, it is important for all parties involved to understand the value of having skilled legal protection. A lawsuit was recently filed when residents of a condominium development claimed there were several defects with the building.

The lawsuit was filed by the condo association. It claims that the developers did not adhere to the recommendations made by manufacturers, plans and building codes. The development was constructed in 2015. It consists of 10 units and stands 18 stories tall. Among those named in the lawsuit are the developer, the contractor, and the development’s architect. In addition, other entities are being named in lawsuits about the apparent defects.

Owners of the units took over the condominium association four years ago. They subsequently discovered the defects. Inspections had already been completed when they found them. They say there were cracks in the balcony, water intrusion, stucco issues, cracks and more. Other problems include a lack of design for the fitness center and the absence of furniture in the lobby. The residents say there was negligence, breach of contract and other violations. The cost of the condominiums reached $20 million for a penthouse.

Allegations of construction defects for high-end properties can be problematic for the purchasers, the developers and contractors who are overseeing the project. All parties should consider the value of having a strong legal advocate to assist them in addressing claims of construction defects. Perhaps a settlement is possible after negotiation. Or it might be necessary to go to court to receive restitution and get the required repairs to adhere to the agreements and ensure the property is safe. Regardless of the perspective, having legal help may be essential. A firm experienced in construction and all aspects of real estate litigation may be able to help.