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Proposed residential tower sparks community opposition

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Residential Real Estate |

Businesses have to make it over a lot of hurdles before they can break ground a new real estate development, especially if it’s a large-scale project in a desirable location. They must go through all the headaches of securing financing, hiring architects and obtaining permits, of course, but sometimes the biggest hurdles are political in nature. When local government or local citizenry oppose the plan, development can be very difficult indeed.

This appears to be the case with a proposed new residential project in Naples Beach. Proposed by Stock Development, the One Naples project would stand 16 stories tall near Vanderbilt Beach. And that’s the trouble. Local residents say the proposed tower is too tall for the area, and have asked Stock Development to cut it down to 12 stories, in keeping with nearby buildings.

The developer has made some changes to its proposals in an effort to address the public’s concerns about density and traffic. It even agreed to lowering the height of the project, bringing it down to 14 stories. However, it has flatly refused to come down to 12 stories.

Opponents of the plan have gathered hundreds of signatures in a petition against One Naples and raised money for legal costs in fighting it. The debate could go on for months or even years.

While most real estate developments are on a much smaller scale, and don’t stir up as much controversy, developers often have to deal with legal disputes while their projects are still early in the planning stages.

Real estate law attorneys can help shepherd their clients’ projects through zoning board meetings and other hurdles, and can advise developers on strategies to reduce costs by minimizing conflict with the larger community. And if legal disputes become unavoidable, there is no substitute for having help from attorneys with experience in real estate litigation.


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