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Effective ways to help prevent contract disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning, Small Business Representation |

When it comes to protecting your small business and livelihood, prevention can go a long way. Anticipating the types of problems that can potentially arise and figuring out how to address them ahead of time can save you substantial time and stress, and one way you can do so it to take certain steps to prevent contract disputes.

Just what types of strategies can you employ to help your business avoid contract disputes?

Make sure all contracts undergo notarization

The main point of having a notary sign an important document is to prove it authentic and valid, so making sure to have all business contracts notarized can put a stop to many potential problems before they ever arise. Doing so can protect you in two key ways. First, it can help ensure that the person signing the contract thoroughly reads and interprets the content inside. Second, in the unfortunate event that you do wind up facing a contract dispute, the person who signed the document at the center of the matter will not be able to argue that he or she never did so.

Consider future ramifications

Contract disputes can also arise because of a number of variables relating to the future. For this reason, it is wise to include language in your contract about whether it automatically renews each year, whether it must undergo renegotiation each year or what have you. It is also smart to address what will happen in the future in the event that, say, a business involved in the contract goes under, or if one of the parties named in the contract passes away. It may, too, serve you well to outline any situations that could arise in the future that would make the existing contract invalid.

Contracts are often complex documents, and you can expect that each word in a business contract will undergo scrutiny in the event that you find yourself or your business embroiled in a contract dispute. The more measures you take to avoid contract disputes, the better your chances of protecting your business.