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Florida homeowners accuse D.R. Horton of poor shower construction

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Construction |

Several homeowners residing in the St. Augustine subdivision Glen St. Johns are considering filing faulty construction lawsuits against one of the United States’ most well-known home builders, D.R. Horton. As for why they’re looking to sue them, they allege that the company installed their showers poorly.

The concerned homeowners’ residences were all constructed during the past 10 years or less, with the majority having been built within the past five years. A few of the ones already showing signs of problems were even constructed as recently as two years ago.

Most homeowners allege that the tiles used to line their shower stalls have begun to come loose. Many note that the first signs of trouble they noticed were when the grout surrounding them started breaking away. As more grout began disappearing, water began emerging from the holes.

In the case of one homeowner this happened to, a contractor they hired to evaluate the situation was able to determine that water had accumulated beneath the tiles because no shower pan had been installed. This caused the slab underneath the tiles to remain wet, causing the grout to break down and tiles to become dislodged. In other instances, homeowners have found mold growing below the detached tiles.

Reportedly when some of the homeowners went to D.R. Horton looking for a resolution, they were told that the problems they were having had to do with their poor maintenance of the homes. D.R. Horton, however, has issued a statements acknowledging that they’re committed to providing their customers with quality homes and that they’re going to look into the matter further.

As for these latest accusations being waged against D.R. Horton, they’re not the first. Just last year, residents in one of their subdivisions also complained of having leaking roofs. Much the same as what occurred in this case, D.R. Horton reportedly told homeowners that their warranties were either expired or didn’t cover the problems they were facing.

If you have reason to suspect that shoddy work may be responsible for your home’s state of disrepair, then a Collier County, Florida, construction litigation attorney can advise you of your right to sue your homebuilder.

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