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Tips to take stress out of a real estate transaction

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions |

Do you think that real estate transactions are too stressful in Florida? Here are a few tips to make things go smoothly and easily.

1. Don’t take things personally. This is important when negotiating as either a buyer or a seller. This is a business transaction, so don’t be offended when things don’t instantly go the way you want them to. Try to be as detached as you can.

2. Understand that it will take time. For some people, this can be excruciating, especially if they expected it all to get done in a few days or week. It could be months, in some cases, so be prepared and then you’ll just be happy if it goes faster.

3. Have a schedule in mind from the very beginning. For example, you may be planning to call the day after putting an offer in, or you may want to call once a week to check on the progress. Design a good schedule and stick to it so that you can feel like you’re in control, even when you’re waiting.

4. Keep lines of communication open. A lot of stress is created when people don’t all know what’s going on. Never make assumptions, as you may be stressed when they turn out not to be true. Communication also limits mistakes and speeds up the process.

5. Finally, it’s important to make sure that you know the legal steps that have to be taken and that you fully understand all of the paperwork. When there are no unknowns, there is far less to be stressed about, so make sure you know the legal side of the transaction inside and out.

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