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Four basic types of construction defects

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Construction |

The start of a construction project, whether residential or commercial, can be an exciting time for people in Florida. This starts with the design and ends with moving into the space, but there are many steps in between the beginning and the end. The process can take time and there it is a terrible feeling if after all that time and anticipation, there is something wrong with the construction.

Construction defects can happen at any point during the process and can be grouped into four main categories:

  • The first category is design defects. This occurs when the architect or engineer’s designs fail to meet code or create other problems due to a poor design.
  • The next category is material deficiencies. These occur through no fault of the workers who put the product in. It is the fault of the manufacturer who produced the failing material.
  • The third type is construction defects, which occur when the work falls below acceptable standards.
  • The last category is subsurface defects, which occur when the earth and soil is not prepared adequately to provide a proper foundation for the building or house.

These various construction defects can cause significant problems and they can be very costly to fix. This is in addition to the significant costs to the original build. People who find themselves in this unfortunate position may be able to obtain compensation from the company who was responsible for the defect. However, first people need to identify the exact defect and who is responsible for the defect.

There are many construction projects in Florida every year and there are many different things that can go wrong during the process. The costs and time it takes to fix the problems can be very devastating. People could receive compensation for the damages they suffer though. These can be complicated matters though and consulting with an experienced attorney could be beneficial.