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Why might land be ‘unbuildable’?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Construction |

If you own land but have been told that it’s not a “buildable” lot, the best thing to do if you want to build on it is to find out why it has not been classified as a buildable area. Only once you know, can you take steps to rectify the situation — or to sell the land and buy another lot that will fit your purposes. Some examples of reasons that you may not be allowed to build include:

— The zoning of the land. If it’s zoned for commercial development and you want to build a home on it, you may be blocked, even though the land itself is technically approved for construction projects. A solution could be asking for a zoning variance.

— A lack of clear access. This can happen when the only way to get to the land is through another person’s property. To solve this, you may be able to talk to that person about getting a right-of-way and access through the land.

— A lot that is too small. This, again, could lead to an “unbuildable” classification by the zoning committee. You may have to switch lots, construct a smaller building, or get a variance.

— Issues with the septic system, the well, or other such features. The government is not going to let you build until these are resolved, perhaps by putting in a new well or a septic system that isn’t connected to the city’s system.

Many times, an “unbuildable” lot can be fixed so that construction can begin. You simply need to know what steps to take to cut through all of the legal red tape in Florida.

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