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Posts tagged "Real Estate Transactions"

Commission revokes St. Pete Beach agent's real estate license

Not just anyone can get a real estate license -- and sometimes, agents engage in activities that cost them their license. This month, the Florida Real Estate Commission voted to revoke a St. Pete Beach agent's license because he didn't disclose felony convictions in another state to the commission.

Zillow Offers comes to South Florida

Most people know Zillow as an online real estate database for people seeking to buy or rent a home. Fewer are familiar with Zillow Offers. However, the iBuying program, which has been available in 15 markets throughout the country, is now doing business in the three counties that make up South Florida. It has partnered with a local real estate firm.

What you should know when investing in Florida real estate

Florida has the fourth-highest gross domestic product (GDP) of any state in the country, with thriving tourism, aerospace, health care and international banking industries. Therefore, people who have money to invest in real estate can make a considerable profit if they do it correctly.

Florida real estate broker sentenced to federal prison for fraud

This month, a Miami real estate broker and two-time Florida Senate candidate in the 38th District was sentenced to federal prison for defrauding investors and other illegal activities. Anis Blemur is facing a seven-year prison term and another five years of supervised release.

Why are millennial homebuyers choosing South Florida?

Many people think of South Florida as a retirement destination for Americans from points north who want to spend their golden years enjoying the sun, sand and golf courses that abound in this area. However, millennials are moving to South Florida -- and particularly the Treasure Coast -- in record numbers.

Are real estate agents contacting you after a loved one's death?

You've just lost a loved one. Perhaps your spouse has passed away. Maybe your elderly parent has died. Amid everything else you have to deal with, you suddenly find yourself receiving calls or letters from real estate agents offering to sell your home. Sometimes they'll make the pitch that they'll handle things "with sensitivity."

Know your local school's quality when selling your home

When you're attempting to sell your home, one of the things that could help or hurt you is the local school system. If someone wants to move into the home and has no children, it may not affect their opinion much. However, if they plan to have children or have them already, the school system and specific schools near you could affect the sale.

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