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How did 2017's hurricanes affect Florida foreclosure filings?

After the hurricanes that ravaged parts of Florida last year, it would be expected that foreclosure rates would rise. According to a recent study by a real estate analytics company, foreclosure filings in the first quarter of this year were up in the areas impacted by the barrage of hurricanes. However, they're still less than they were before the storms. That's the case both in regions of Florida and Texas, where Harvey and Irma wrecked havoc.

Do you know how extreme weather may affect your mortgage?

In 2017, natural disasters remained in the headlines, one after another pummeling the landscape and wreaking havoc on property values in areas that previously were not considered risky areas. From hurricanes that raged through the Atlantic and over the mainland to large scale fires along the West coast, many homeowners across the country faced adversity like they had never seen.

Is the real estate market improving in Florida?

Hurricane Irma devastated Florida, and now local residents are beginning to ask: How did the storm affect our real estate market? Will vacationers see Florida as a risk and stop coming? Could we be headed for a difficult real estate market downturn like the one suffered in 2008.

Real estate closing delay: Don’t let this happen to you

Imagine this situation: You are all ready to close on your home, but at the last second you find out that the process can't move forward for one reason or another. There are not many things in life more disappointing than this.

Be sure to ask your home inspector these questions

When buying a home, you can never trust what the seller tells you. Even though you have access to a disclosure, it doesn't mean it is completely accurate. This is why you need to hire a home inspector to provide more information on the property.

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