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Steps you can take to protect intellectual property

Depending on the type of small business you own or operate, your entity’s intellectual property may be worth far more than its actual, tangible assets. Intellectual property, or any type of work or invention that comes from the human creative mind, can include anything from patented materials to company trade secrets, and if someone or something compromises or gets a hold of it, it may lose its value.

Turn a business lawsuit into a learning opportunity

Over the course of your business, you are likely to face a lawsuit. Whether it be from employees, other companies or everyday clients, lawsuits affect one in three small businesses, reports Bolt Insurance Agency. Among the consequences are high costs, a damaged reputation and lost productivity.

3 questions you should ask before signing a commercial lease

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to ask some questions about commercial leases. If this is your first time trying to secure a commercial property, a landlord may attempt to take advantage of you. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know what to look for in a leasing agreement and how to negotiate

What is intellectual property?

As you form your business, a top priority is protecting it from thieves and copycats. You do this by using such legal tools as copyrights, trademarks, patents and agreements on confidentiality, noncompetition and licensed use.

How to avoid commercial real estate lease disputes

If you are a landlord of a commercial property in Florida, it is important to understand landlord/tenant laws. Making a misstep could cost you a lot of money and time. One of the most important aspects of your landlord/tenant relationship is creating a solid lease. Many times the issues that come about in commercial real estate are related to lease disputes. To avoid these, you have to be sure you write a comprehensive lease that spells everything out. However, you also have to make sure it follows the law. The Lake County government states your commerical real estate lease should be in writing because oral agreements can be difficult to maintain and enforce.

How to avoid contract disputes in your Florida small business

A common source of litigation for small businesses is contract disputes. This can entail arguing over the terms of the agreement or breaching the contract, whether partially or completely. Whatever the reason, resulting lawsuits can be expensive and detrimental to your business. 

Understanding terminology in commercial lease agreements

If you are among those seeking a home base for your business, you may find yourself poring over complicated lease agreements in your pursuit of an ideal locale. It is important to note that signing a commercial lease is quite different than signing a rental agreement for, say, an apartment, and the language used in a commercial lease agreement differs broadly, too.

3 reasons you can legally evict a tenant

As a landlord, it is rarely ideal to evict a tenant. You rely on their rent, and terminating their lease is sure to be a hassle. There are some situations, though, where it is both necessary and legal to do so. In such circumstances, you should approach the tenant with a clear legal justification for your decision, and when necessary, enlist an attorney to handle the matter and provide legal representation.

Why you need a lawyer to help you start your small business

You may have the greatest new idea in the world, but without the proper establishment of your company, you are likely to fail. To prevent this from happening, especially if you are not a business-minded person, you may hire various professionals in the industry to help you, such as a marketing consultant.

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