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2 valid reasons why a tenant can break a lease agreement 

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

Most Florida lease agreements tend to have specified time periods. Breaking the lease contract before the expiry of this fixed term may result in certain repercussions for the violating party. In the case of the tenant, you may have to pay rent for the remaining months even if you no longer live on the property. And this is something most people do not like.

However, there are instances when the tenant can legally walk out on a lease contract without paying the price. Here are some of them:

The property is no longer fit for occupation

Landlords are required by law to keep their rental premises in habitable conditions. To realize this, the property should be structurally sound with functional heating and plumbing systems. Additionally, the property must meet the set health and safety standards.

If the property you are renting does not meet the required habitation standards, you have the right to let your landlord know about this so they can make appropriate repairs. If the landlord, having been informed about the defects in the property, fails to fix the cited problems, then you have the right to terminate the tenancy contract before the end of the lease period. 

The landlord is violating your rights

A landlord is required to give adequate notice before entering your rented property. And even so, they can only enter your premises for valid reasons such as when making repairs.

If the landlord is trying to invade your privacy by accessing your rented property without notice or is harassing you by turning off your utilities or locking you out of the premises, then you have a legal right to terminate your lease contract immediately. 

Signing a lease contract is a commitment with enormous responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is the commitment to respect the terms of the lease agreement. Find out how you can protect your rights and interests should you decide to walk out on your lease agreement.