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3 of the most common real estate disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Residential Real Estate |

Real estate disputes involve disagreements over property, and they are fairly commonplace in the United States. The number of people involved in property disagreements can vary, as can the role of each party. 

Homeowners, landlords, tenants, neighbors and visitors are just some individuals engaged in real estate litigation. Preventative measures are often preferable to lengthy court proceedings. As a result, it is important to identify some of the more prominent types of property disagreements. Outlined below are three of the most common real estate disputes. 

Disagreements between co-owners 

One person solely owns not all property. Often, co-owners are required to come to agreements regarding property maintenance and other issues. The more people involved in making decisions, the higher the possibility that a dispute could arise. Additionally, disputes often occur when a co-owner wishes to sell their share of the real estate. 

Disputes over boundaries 

Neighbors can often get into arguments over where a property line begins and ends. Occasionally, property boundaries may not have been registered property. This can often result in encroachments onto the legal territory of others, which increases the potential for conflict. 

Contractual disputes 

Real estate transactions tend to be governed by legally binding contracts. For example, tenants contractually agree to pay rent on time, and property buyers may agree to pay a specified price by a set date. In cases where parties fail to live up to their side of the agreement, a breach of contract may occur.  

Recognizing some of the more common types of real estate disputes could assist with prevention. If you have been caught up in a dispute over property in Florida, it is important to remember your legal rights