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Resolutions might be possible in commercial tenant disputes

| Sep 4, 2021 | Commercial Real Estate |

Commercial properties are a good option for some people to make money. But, this doesn’t come without some risks. One risk that comes with having commercial rental property is that you may have to evict a tenant at some point. 

Evicting a commercial tenant is a lot different from having a residential one removed from your rental home. Remember these tips if you have tenant complaints as a commercial landlord

Patience is important

Your commercial tenants are likely busy. The manager working at a location may not be the same person you entered into a lease with. You may have to wait for your first point of contact to relay a message to their manager and for them to get the message to your tenant. You then might have to wait for return calls. 

It usually pays to remain patient as you’re trying to resolve any disputes. It’s still important to set limits to what you’re willing to deal with, though. For example, being patient for a rental payment for a couple of months usually isn’t a good idea but waiting an extra few days might be reasonable.

Review the lease

You should already know the terms of the commercial lease before you present it to the tenant; however, it’s a good idea to review it since these leases may have changes in the terms from one tenant to another. Look for resolution clauses and anything similar so you will know how to handle disputes that arise.

Commercial tenants have specific rights, so all landlords should ensure that they do things lawfully. If you have a problem with a commercial tenant and need to evict them from their leased space, there are many things to consider. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases may be beneficial as you work to get the commercial property freed up for a new tenant.