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What realtors should know about securing a clear title

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Real Estate Transactions, Residential Real Estate |

When you are a realtor, you want your clients to have a smooth homebuying process. You don’t want to be 48 hours from closing and find out your clients’ property doesn’t have a clean title and they can’t secure a mortgage or insurance for the property.

Conducting a title search

A real estate attorney can help check if a property has a clear title, so your buyers can close on the property.

Sometimes, as part of a title search, a real estate attorney might discover the property:

  • Has undisclosed tax liens
  • Has an undisclosed heir
  • Has a deed that’s forged
  • Wasn’t disclosed in a past divorce
  • Has mechanic’s liens on it

A real estate attorney also will have your homeowners purchase title insurance on their new property. With title insurance, homeowners can cover legal fees for settling any title disputes in the future.

Handling other real estate legal matters

You also can have a real estate attorney review the contract for the home’s sale. An attorney will be able to pinpoint if there are any legal issues your homebuyers should be aware of before signing the purchase contract. An attorney rewrite a purchase agreement to better protect your homebuyers’ interests.

It takes a team to successfully close a home sale. Working closely with a real estate attorney before closings can ensure your homebuyers’ legal interests are protected and the closing is smooth. When you have satisfied clients, they are more likely to recommend you as a realtor to others and use your services again when they decide to purchase another property.