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Are books copyrighted or trademarked? 

| Aug 20, 2020 | Uncategorized |

One important part of intellectual property law is the process of protecting the written word. Authors of all types of books need to know how they can keep what they have created in their own name and prevent others from either profiting off of their work or diluting their brand and their own sales. 

Generally, this is done through copyright protection. An author owns the copyright to their text as a work of art. This is similar to how a singer/songwriter owns their music or a painter owns their creations. Whether the author is writing fiction or non-fiction, they can copyright the work as a whole. 

There are parts of a book that cannot be copyrighted, however, such as a title. This is why you do see books with similar titles, especially in non-fiction genres where the works may all be about the same topic. 

To protect a title, a writer has to get a trademark. This is not done in all cases but can be done when the title itself represents some key part of the branding. For instance, a book series may contain multiple works with similar title formats, and this format then becomes important to separate that series and that brand from the rest. Similarly, a writer of fiction can get a trademark for an important character that they do not want anyone else to use in the future. 

Intellectual property rights are incredibly important to those who put their work out into the public, and it’s crucial for all writers and other artists to know exactly what options they have when it comes to protecting their work.

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