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What is a copyright and why should you protect it?

| Feb 7, 2020 | Uncategorized |

If a person or company in Florida creates something that is unique, that creation should be protected. That is the essence of the area of intellectual property law that deals with a copyright. So, what is a copyright and why should you protect it? In short: your creation is your own and no one else should be permitted to use it without your permission.

Copyrights can extend to all manner of creative works, such as books, songs, a piece of art or even a work from a business standpoint, such as a particular computer program. For example, we have all seen movies where, at the beginning before the show starts, there is a warning that the movie should only be displayed for private use, as intended. So, if that movie is shown in a public forum or is copied without the appropriate permission, copyright legal issues may pop up.

Of course, that is just one example of many types of copyright issues that might come up for an individual or business in Florida. A copyright says, “This is mine and I should get credit.” So, what happens if someone else uses your creative work, or substantially copies your work, and tries to take credit instead of you? Well, that may be the basis for a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Individuals and companies in Florida should always be on the lookout to protect their copyrights. However, intellectual property law matters can be somewhat complicated, depending on the appropriate statute that might be part of the case. To protect your copyright, it is important to understand the available legal options.

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