Business leaders in Florida oftentimes find that one of the trickiest areas of their company to deal with is intellectual property matters. This is understandable because, in the vast number of areas of the law in which businesses might run into problems, intellectual property law is somewhat of a niche area. Unlike, for example, personal injury or real estate law, most people never deal with intellectual property law. Businesses, however, will usually need to know about one important aspect of this area of the law: trademarks.

So, what are trademarks in intellectual property law and why should businesses in Florida be concerned with this area of the law? Well, for starters, one example of a trademark is a brand name. A trademark can be a company’s slogan, for example, or even a symbol or a name. The trademark is distinct and identifies products and services and where they are coming from, so that others can distinguish the products and services from the offerings of other companies.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because they use a certain trademark that no one else can be allowed to use that particular slogan or image. While it is certainly true that creating a unique phrase or logo, for example, is usually enough to establish certain trademark rights, registering a trademark through the correct federal process can make those rights even more ironclad.

Unfortunately, as with almost all processes that involve the state or federal government, registering a trademark can be somewhat complicated. There is a detailed set of steps that must be followed. As a result, many business leaders who want to take the right approach to register a trademark usually make sure that they get the right legal information first.