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Apartment project could affect zoning laws in neighboring areas

| Feb 20, 2020 | Residential Real Estate |

Real estate developers and people in the construction industry are likely aware of the importance of zoning laws. These regulations outline how property in a specific geographic location can be used. for example, if the area is going to be used for residential purposes or commercial and also the size of the lot, the height of the structure and its density. In its most basic form, it is supposed to separate residential land from commercial one and allow municipalities to create laws governing the layout of their city.

Zoning laws are at the forefront of a debate surrounding a construction project in Florida that has divided the locality. The proposal is to build apartments and a parking garage around a church. The four-story apartment building would be shorter than the shopping mall that is being planned across the street, but the calculation used for the project’s height has people wondering about the effect of the project in neighboring areas. The interpretation of the calculation as weighted average height would allow a 49.5 foot tall building to be within the 35 foot height limit of the neighborhood.

Rezoning bills are in front of the city council zoning committee, potentially changing the use of property in the area. If passed, it would allow the construction of a 133-building apartment and 173-space parking structure. However, opponents want the density increased to just cover 114 apartments instead.

As the stalemate continues and people wait to see what happens, it is important for residential and commercial real estate developers to understand the importance of zoning laws and its impact on their future project. Having a knowledgeable professional by one’s side who can design a structure that meet’s the project’s needs while also keeping in mind the law can be very helpful.

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