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October 2019 Archives

Commission revokes St. Pete Beach agent's real estate license

Not just anyone can get a real estate license -- and sometimes, agents engage in activities that cost them their license. This month, the Florida Real Estate Commission voted to revoke a St. Pete Beach agent's license because he didn't disclose felony convictions in another state to the commission.

Florida's new tech companies must protect intellectual property

When most people think of tech companies, they think of California's Silicon Valley. However, Miami and Tampa Bay are both becoming hubs for tech startups. One Florida intellectual property (IP) attorney says that "because everybody's moving from the East coast to Florida and there's a lot of money here, and the university system is set up very nicely, I just think it's going to just go crazy in Florida."

Location is key when starting a medical practice

You've decided to open your own medical practice. Like many new endeavors, your chances of success are greater if you do the necessary research, get the professional assistance you need and understand that the process will take some time.

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