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September 2019 Archives

Resolving a conflict with your homeowners' association

Many Floridians live in condominiums, townhouse complexes or other communities where rules are established and enforced by a community association like a homeowners' association (HOA). These rules are typically outlined in a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Most people store what is often a massive document away until there's a problem.

Tips for negotiating a commercial lease renewal

Once you reach the end of your commercial lease term, you will, in many cases, have the option of either extending the lease or finding a different location where you can operate your business. Before you agree to extend your commercial lease agreement, though, it may serve you well to examine the market and assess your lease terms to make sure they meet your needs.

Create a diverse, inclusive culture in your new business

If you're starting a business in South Florida, you have the advantage of being in a part of the state with access to an extremely diverse potential workforce. People of many races, ethnic backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations live and work here.

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