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August 2019 Archives

Zillow Offers comes to South Florida

Most people know Zillow as an online real estate database for people seeking to buy or rent a home. Fewer are familiar with Zillow Offers. However, the iBuying program, which has been available in 15 markets throughout the country, is now doing business in the three counties that make up South Florida. It has partnered with a local real estate firm.

The importance of employment contracts to attracting good people

If you're starting a business and recruiting highly-skilled, experienced people to help you run it, they'll likely expect to have a written employment contract. They probably aren't going to leave a secure, lucrative position with a more-established company to start on this new venture with you with only the promise of a paycheck every two weeks, health insurance and a 401(k).

What do you need for a successful Florida startup?

Florida has been nicknamed "The New Business Hub." Entrepreneurs who invest their time and money in a business that is part of a booming industry -- such as health, food and beverage and retail -- can find success here in our state if they're able to successfully meet the needs of a population diverse in every way, including age.

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