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June 2019 Archives

What should you look for in a business partner?

Choosing the right business partner can be every bit as crucial in some ways as finding the right spouse. After all, both are people with whom you'll forge a legal bond that you hope will last a long time. You'll go through ups and downs with a business partner, just as you will with a spouse. Your college roommate or best friend at work may seem like a good person to start a business with, but they may not be the right fit -- and you may not be the right fit for them.

Effective ways to help prevent contract disputes

When it comes to protecting your small business and livelihood, prevention can go a long way. Anticipating the types of problems that can potentially arise and figuring out how to address them ahead of time can save you substantial time and stress, and one way you can do so it to take certain steps to prevent contract disputes.

What are my options if adequate seller disclosures weren't made?

Many jurisdictions require individuals selling their homes to make certain disclosures about any known defects that their house may have to potential buyers. Despite this, it's possible for a new owner to end up with a home with defects that they didn't anticipate it having. There are some legal options available to them if this happens in Florida.

What are your primary responsibilities as a commercial landlord?

As a commercial landlord in Florida, your duties and responsibilities typically involve far more than just finding tenants and collecting rent each month. While leasing commercial properties to renters can prove to be highly profitable, doing so can also expose you to potential liability if you do not take steps to protect yourself and your property from the outset.

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