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March 2019 Archives

Supreme Court rules on copyright infringement recovery

Can a copyright owner recover money in civil court for an infringement to that copyright even if that infringement occurred before they register it with the Copyright Office? After they register it, can they seek recovery for infringement prior to the registration?

3 most common types of commercial leases

When you look to set up shop in South Florida, you have to understand not only how the market works but also what your lease options look like. You may have a strict budget and need to really clamp down on expenses to keep your doors open.

Why are millennial homebuyers choosing South Florida?

Many people think of South Florida as a retirement destination for Americans from points north who want to spend their golden years enjoying the sun, sand and golf courses that abound in this area. However, millennials are moving to South Florida -- and particularly the Treasure Coast -- in record numbers.

Are real estate agents contacting you after a loved one's death?

You've just lost a loved one. Perhaps your spouse has passed away. Maybe your elderly parent has died. Amid everything else you have to deal with, you suddenly find yourself receiving calls or letters from real estate agents offering to sell your home. Sometimes they'll make the pitch that they'll handle things "with sensitivity."

What every commercial lease should address

As a Florida commercial landlord, one of your best bets at protecting yourself against litigation is to create carefully worded commercial leases that reflect your needs and represent your best interests. In the event that a tenant decides to file a suit against you or otherwise take you to court, the information in your commercial lease may end up being your best line of defense against this person.

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