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February 2019 Archives

People flocking to Florida to avoid high taxation in other states

People have been rushing to Florida from out of state, eager to participate in the current real estate market. As you may know, many states have high taxes on properties there. Florida, unlike these states, does not tax your personal income or estate. With these benefits, more people are moving there to take advantage of the tax shielding.

3 tips for successful purchasing in residential real estate

Real estate can be a great way to boost your income if you intend to rent or sell for more than you paid for a home. It can also be a great opportunity to invest your money into a home that will grow with you and eventually be like a large savings account for you when you sell the property.

Make sure your contract has these elements inside

When you're preparing to work with a construction team, the most important thing to do is to make sure you have a well-drafted construction contract. A well-prepared contract is legally binding and protects you against damages that any construction team could cause to your property.

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