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China agrees that U.S. has legitimate concerns over thefts

| Jan 4, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Intellectual property is any invention or work that is a result of a creative mind. For example, if you write a comic book, that story and the imagery you’ve created is your intellectual property.

For most people, the thought of taking someone else’s creations is against their moral code. However, sometimes, people do steal intellectual property. When that happens, the person who owns the property obtains the right to sue and ask the other party to cease and desist.

One important intellectual property topic in the news today is the concept that other countries steal intellectual property from the United States. For example, China has been accused of stealing intellectual property and creating products that are the same or similar to American products.

The thought that China steals from the United States is so pervasive that the president placed tariffs on around $50 billion worth of Chinese imports, which significantly impacts both countries’ economies.

Interestingly, the Chinese president admits that the Americans have reasonable concerns. He also agreed that there needed to be harsher enforcement and penalties for those who violate international intellectual property laws.

It’s not clear if more laws will help, but enforcement does. If you have your property stolen by anyone, it’s important that you speak out. By bringing the theft to light, it’s possible to prevent the individual or business from continuing to steal from you and others. Whether it’s a violation of your intellectual property rights or the misuse of your patent, you have to take steps to protect yourself and your business from harm.

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