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The important role of the construction site supervisor

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Construction |

A construction site can be one of the most dangerous places for both workers and visitors. Accidents can happen at a moment’s notice, even at sites where safety is the focus of every activity. That’s why every construction site should have a construction site supervisor. The supervisor should be on the site for the entirety of the day, or at least until when work stops for the day.

If you’re a construction site supervisor, one of the most important activities you are responsible for is inspecting the site. This is done to determine the likelihood that an accident might occur. Inspections should be held every single day prior to work beginning.

As a construction site supervisor, you should also provide education to all workers on the site about the health and safety rules they must follow. It’s also important to tell employees about the safety gear they need to wear for the jobs they are performing.

Providing guidance for the workers on your site is another major responsibility you have as a construction site supervisor. You will need to answer their questions, ensure the site plans are being followed and be accessible to all workers. You need to answer employee calls and assist them whenever possible.

In order to be effective, a construction site supervisor needs to go through numerous required training courses, including First Aid. Without the proper certifications, you risk having the site shut down.

As you can see, the role of the construction site supervisor is vital to the success of any small construction company and the safety of all the workers. When a supervisor is not present safety issues could arise that might not be handled properly and other disputes could arise. That could easily create litigation and other legal problems for your company.