The title of your home is one of the most important documents with your name on it. This document is proof that you own the property that you stake claim in, but there are problems that can arise in Collier County. Today, we will discuss the most common title issues you can encounter as a homeowner.

It’s very likely that a human error could have been made when the title to your home was recorded with the county in which you live. An error as simple as a missing letter in your name can cause you legal problems regarding the ownership of your home.

Creditors and banks might go after your new home because of liens you had no idea about from the previous owner. Even though the debt is not in your name, the house now is, which means you could lose the house because of these unknown liens.

The prior owner of the home might have forged their name or other information when they wrote the title. If this is the case, you could wind up losing the house because the purchase from the previous owner could be considered void.

Your right to the property could also come into question when the prior owner passes away, and there are issues with their will. Unknown heirs and even someone challenging the will can cause legal issues with you owning the home.

These title issues are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more that can affect your legal right to a property in Florida. Make sure you have an experienced residential real estate attorney by your side if these issues occur.