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September 2018 Archives

Florida homeownership rate hits new low

Experts often look at the health of a state's housing market to help determine how well its economy is doing. As Governor Rick Scott runs for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Bill Nelson, he is touting the state's economic strength. However, Florida has reached a record low in an important indicator -- the rate of homeownership.

What you should know if you're considering a short sale

When a homeowner can no longer afford to pay their mortgage, they may opt for a short sale. This is where the home is sold for less than the amount remaining on the mortgage(s). However, the homeowner isn't required to pay the difference.

Legal grounds for eviction in Florida

Tenants have numerous rights under the law, and for good reason. The law seeks to protect tenants because they are the more vulnerable partner in a tenant/landlord relationship. In the event a landlord attempts to evict a tenant on unscrupulous grounds, the tenant could end up homeless. 

Are handshakes binding agreements?

Handshake agreements, also known as "gentlemen's agreements," occur when two or more parties come to an understanding and each agrees to provide the other with a service. There is no paperwork. Instead, both parties merely shake on it and hope the other party will follow through. 

Land once owned by Burt Reynolds being developed for homeowners

Actor Burt Reynolds, who died earlier this month at a Jupiter hospital, called the area his home for many years. It's been announced that the 153-acre estate he once owned is going to be turned into a development containing multiple upscale homes.

Take care when using trademarked and other protected work

Event organizers here in South Florida often partner with local and national businesses who are sponsoring an event. Having these businesses' logos and other identifying images on your marketing material and around the event venue itself can help promote it. However, it's essential to get the appropriate clearances to avoid infringing on their intellectual property rights.

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