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July 2018 Archives

What is 'red tide' and why is it lowering Florida home prices?

Florida has many unique natural features and weather patterns. Unfortunately, some of those can be destructive to homes and surrounding land. Of course, hurricanes can and do destroy large swaths of property. However, the culprits are often less obvious but nonetheless insidious. People with coveted waterfront properties on lakes and canals are particularly susceptible to problems like red tide.

East Naples Innovation Zone approved for Collier County

This month, Collier County commissioners approved an East Naples Innovation Zone. It's hoped that the zone will attract economic development to the area, which includes several hundred acres of both developed and vacant land.

Should you give all of your business tenants the same lease?

Some commercial landlords rent out space to just one or two businesses, while others have many tenants. Of course, whether you have two tenants or 20, you might wonder if you should present all of your tenants with the same lease, meaning each signs a lease with the same terms (other than rent amounts, perhaps), expectations, penalties and so on. This can seem appealing because you would know each lease inside out, and it would streamline many processes.

What you should know before signing a commercial lease

If you're a tenant signing a commercial rental agreement (lease), it's important to negotiate the terms of that lease to ensure that it will meet the needs of your business. Of course, the landlords also have items that are important to them, and they want those covered in the agreement. If you're fortunate, you can agree on terms that are suitable to both you and them.

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