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April 2018 Archives

How did 2017's hurricanes affect Florida foreclosure filings?

After the hurricanes that ravaged parts of Florida last year, it would be expected that foreclosure rates would rise. According to a recent study by a real estate analytics company, foreclosure filings in the first quarter of this year were up in the areas impacted by the barrage of hurricanes. However, they're still less than they were before the storms. That's the case both in regions of Florida and Texas, where Harvey and Irma wrecked havoc.

Tips for starting a successful nonprofit in Florida

The services that nonprofit organizations render to society are priceless. Personal circumstance may inspire you to start your own to make a difference in the world. You may have a praiseworthy cause and lots of passion, but there is one thing you have to remember: Nonprofits are still businesses.

Do street artists have the right to protect their work?

Some of the most innovative artists in the world do their work in public spaces. They prefer being street artists (sometimes referred to as graffiti artists) to pursing a more lucrative career in commercial art. Because they create and display their art in public places, does that mean that they don't have the legal right to prevent it from being used without their permission -- particularly if the art was created illegally in a place where they didn't get permission from the appropriate government entity or property owner?

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