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Minimum fees for building permits

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2016 | Construction |

If you are planning a construction project on your property in Collier County, Florida, it’s important to know what types of permits you’re going to need and how much they’re going to cost.

In the majority of cases, you have to pay an estimated review fee up front when you hand in the application. It is non-refundable. The smallest amount you’ll pay is $50.

For the estimated inspection fees, you pay when the permit is given out. The government does not actually know how many inspections will be needed for the job, so the total can be adjusted up or down as inspections are performed. You may end up owing more or getting a refund.

The minimum that is estimated to be required for plumbing jobs, electrical jobs, structural work or HVAC and mechanical work is $100. These are some of the most common jobs carried out when renovating homes or updating them.

There are some exceptions to help those who are doing very minor jobs. For example, for electrical work that is under $1,500, you’re typically exempt, and the same is true for plumbing work and mechanical work. The $1,500 exception also counts for roof repair jobs, as long as the area being worked on isn’t more than 200 square feet.

These are a few key examples of permits you may need, but this list is by no means exhaustive. It simply shows how important it is for you to fully investigate the legal side of any job and get all of the proper paperwork in order, rather than just starting in on the job immediately. A real estate attorney can help you understand more about permits.

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