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Builder and residents in dispute due to half-built homes

| Jul 21, 2016 | Residential Real Estate |

The residents at The Estates of Boynton Waters, a housing development in Florida, are in a dispute with the builder. The problem is that many of the homes have not been finished, even though the builder has been working on the project for over a decade.

Video from the site shows pristine homes with perfectly cut lawns sitting between concrete shells of other homes, with building materials and bulldozers sitting around.

One resident said he bought his house about 10 years ago because the homes looked nice and he didn’t have to pay to join a golf club. That brought the price down nicely and still gave him the style of home and community that he wanted.

While his home may be functional, he says that around 100 homes are still not done, so it just feels like he is in a construction zone all of the time. It’s certainly not the “perfect” community he envisioned when he bought the house.

The builder said that things were out of his hands. When the housing market started falling, he says he lost contracts that were worth about $50 million. That loss caused construction to grind to a halt, which is why he’s still so far behind. He did say that the market was turning and so he expected to sell the houses eventually.

Some of the homes are structurally unsafe, according to the city. However, officials did give the builder two more years to fix them, which is another thing that the residents are not pleased about.

Those locked in disputes must know what legal options they have. These situations can get very complicated, especially when linked to land that the homeowners do not technically own — but which still impacts their lives and property values.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Residents, builder in dispute over unfinished homes at The Estates of Boynton Waters,” Paul Owers, July 08, 2016

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